Our 8 days itinerary to Chiapas includes the magnificent Lacandon jungle

8 Days adventure itinerary in Chiapas

A land of adventure and natural wonders, highlands and tropical jungle where fascinating archaeological sites hide and vibrant indigenous culture remains nearly unchanged. If you only knew Chiapas in association with the “Zapatista” movement, take a seat, because we invite you to discover what the magical state of Mexico has for you! Read more

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Myanmar can be a trip of a lifetime. just make sure you know the 5 essential travel tips.

12 Essential tips and curiosities before travelling to Myanmar

   Myanmar, also known as Burma, has recently opened to the world for tourism after years under a military dictatorship.  Adventurous travellers are the first ones who want to visit this unexplored part of the World and many have  added this country to the popular route around South-East Asia.

Now that you have decided  to discover this amazing country , we’ve gathered some essential tips and curiosities  that we consider you should know before you start your adventure: Read more

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