visiting top places in Tana Toraja Kete Kesu

Top places to visit in Tana Toraja Sulawesi


In this post we share with you how to explore the top places of the amazing region of Tana Toraja. This region offers loads of interesting places where you can learn and understand about this intriguing culture and also enjoy of its beautiful scenery. Read more

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Travelling to Tangkoko National park located in the Island of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Tangkoko Wildlife paradise in Sulawesi

Tangkoko natural reserve is located in the North of Sulawesi, a fertile land of dormant and actives volcanoes, a mix of dense rainforest, untouched volcanic coast, unique plants and endemic animals. Read more

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Tongjkonan traditional houses Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja’s bizarre funeral rituals

  The region of Tana Toraja,  in South Sulawesi (Indonesia) offers complex and elaborated funeral rituals and burial sites. Their cult of the dead is one of the most peculiar and mysterious relation between life and death  and  is definately unique.Their practices include: treating the deceased as if they were alive, keeping their corpses at home for as long as 20 years and animal sacrifices. In Tana Toraja, death is such an important event , that their lives revolves around it. Read more

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