Travelling and Dreaming won a Liebster award

We won a Liebster award!!

We are excited to say that we won a Liebster award as a new blog , and want to thank Hannah Rolling and her great  blog  Drifter Hannah for the nomination.

…..And you must be wondering, what the hell is Liebster award ? Well let us try to explain:

Its origins are from Germany,  and it’s an online award for new bloggers given by other new bloggers.  No one loses and everybody wins, the nomination is the prize and the purpose of the award is to give those new bloggers more exposure in their new project, and support the blogging community. It’s a way to be discovered and it gives your blog a recognition award that you can show on your website!  I mean, who doesn’t like that?

liebster award

How does it work?

Once you are nominated, you have to write a post, thanking your nominator adding a link to his/her website , write about the Liebster award nomination and answer the questions that your nominator gave you. Apart from that you will choose 11 new bloggers for nominations and create 11 questions that your nominees will have to answer and so on and on…

These are our answers to Hannah (our nominator) Questions:

1. Ocean, mountains, desert or forest?

As nature lovers as we are, we love a combination of all the above, but ok, if  we have to choose, we love the rainforest, with green jungles, millenarian trees, stunning waterfalls and all kind of wild animals.

2. When did you realise that you’d caught the travel bug?

From a very young age we have always loved travelling, but something changed after our first trip to India, It was the roughest trip we had done so far, and although we had travelled to different culture countries,  the cultural shock in India was the deepest one.We were amazed at every corner’s turn and we wanted more and more of that cultural shock and to learn as much as we did with that trip .

3. What’s the passport stamp that you are more proud of?

I think I should say the entrance to Sabah state in Malaysia, for me, the entrance to Borneo. This name has always been in my mind as the most perfect and great rainforests in the World, my father, great nature lover, made me dream of this place since I was just a girl, watching documentaries together, We had imagined ourselves walking around the biggest trees, and spotting wild Orang-utans, so it was a very very expected destination.

4. Describe one of the crazy characters that you’ve met whilst travelling

Our friend Abdullah , this young egyptian traveller with a crazy , lively spirit ! We met him in Bagan and we spent the day together laughing and  exploring temples, at sunset we try to find a good spot to see the Sun go down and we did, but his crazyness and his desire for adrenaline pushed him further, climbig to the top of the temple,which was forbidden by the way ha ha ha, when he wanted to go down he couldn’t and everyone was looking at him instead of looking to the sunset hahaha  he is a crazily funny guy!

5. What’s your guilty pleasure whilst travelling?

I (Virginia) love anything sweet,the sweetest the better, so in a new destination  i’m always in search for the popular national dessert, and if I like it , which is what normally happens, I can’t help but have one  (or two) after every meal !

One of my guilty pleasures is to eat anything sweet after every meal

6.Which country has surprised you the most and why?

Vietnam was a country that surprised us positively. Before travelling to Vietnam most of the travellers we met were not talking very good about the country, always heard things like: Be careful in Vietnam, they will try to reap you off ,  people are not nice there, I wouldn’t spend much time around, etc.… With all these opinions, we had a preconceived idea, and we entered the country wary of opening up to people. But soon we knew they were wrong, we couldn’t be more surprised!; people are amazing in Vietnam, and yes, in tourist places they try to get more from you, like everywhere else but our experience and therefore opinion of the country  can’t be more different from the opinions we heard before visiting it . Vietnam is a great country with amazing people.

7. Do you try to travel ethically or carbon-consciously?

I think to travel ethically will include in a way to travel carbon-consciously. When we travel as in our daily lives we try to be as environmentally conscious as we can, which at the same time includes the rest, and the other way around. And we learn and try to improve everyday.

8. Have you tried Couchsirfing? If yes, how was it? And if not, Why not?

Yes, we’ve tried couchsurfing and it was great. Our first couchsurfing was in Palawan, The Philippines, and it was a beautiful house, we slept in like a tree room and the host was a great guy, I remember saying to Enrique: , “I’m sure we need to pay for this, It’s too good “  It’s  a  good way to meet locals, and be immersed into the culture apart from saving money, we really enjoy couchsurfing.

9.  No 1 Destination for good food.

 Mexico! We love mexican food ! arriba arriba!!

10. No 1 Destination for beautiful people? Inside or out, you decide.

Our number 1 for beautiful people on the inside has to go to Myanmar, Burmese people are extremely kind, to that point that you will think they want something in return, but they are genuinely super nice! they hold the fisrt place in nice people for us!

11. If you found out that you could choose only visit 5 more countries in you lifetime (but an unlimited amount of time each) where would you choose?

1. Tanzania 2. Guyana 3. Canada 4. Indonesia 5. Australia

Travelling and dreaming nominated for the Liebster award , discover new blogs

We want to thank Hannah for her interview, we really enjoyed answering your questions. Now is our turn ….We nominate the following fantastic blogs for the Liebster awards:

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These are the questions for our nominees:

  1. Which is your favourite place in the World and why?
  2. What is the first trip you remember taking and how old were you?
  3. Mention 3 things you would never want to travel without, aside from the basics like your passport and credit card.
  4. What is the oddest place you have ever spent the night?
  5. Have you had any bad experiences whilst travelling? What happened?
  6. Is there anything you do on your travels or in your everyday life to  try to minimise your impact on the enviroment?
  7. mention 3 things you miss when you are travelling.
  8. Best meal you’ve eaten whilst travellling?
  9. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done whilst travelling? Where and why?
  10. Are there any countries that you would never consider visiting? Why?
  11. Imagine you are only allowed to visit one more country, which country would you choose?

We’re looking forward to read your answer, and I hope you have fun with the questions!  Readers, if you want to answer some of the questions, you can leave a answers on the comment section below!

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